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At Storiginals its all about one thing: Experience! Whether it concerns your new Retail location, restaurant, trade fair, marketing event or exclusive interior part, we treat it with the same passion. Thanks to our worldwide experience in high-quality brand experience, we know that it is all about the details. Only by setting the quality and service high, you can as a customer trust us and we can actually unburden you. 

Do you want to start or redesign your Retail location anywhere in the world? Storiginals takes care of your complete renovation turn-key. From the design made by the architect to the opening, we take you through the necessary steps. From the first sketch, through the necessary technical drawing and licensing process to implementation. We monitor budget and planning and build with a sense of detail and quality. We have built more than 1,000 stores around the world since our inception in 2011. 

Our customers often present us with challenges. The architect has sketched the ideal picture and it is up to our professionals to realize this interior. Our technical draughtsmen work out the visualisations in working drawings for manufacturable products. For the seemingly impossible, we come up with solutions for production and use of materials. Obviously, the design is our #1 concern for everything we come up with. We then produce your customized solutions in our own workshop with a keen eye for detail. 

If you want to organize an event and receive customers, colleagues or business associates, you want your guests to feel good immediately upon entering. They should have an instant wow feeling when entering the room. And that is exactly what we take care of in consultation with your designers. Call it atmosphere, decoration, styling or stage dressing. We don't really care about the exact term. As long as you experience it!


A stand tells the story of your brand or product at a glance. It is a place where people meet and have good conversations. Because of its appearance, your stand should look amazing so that people are stimulated, or have a look of recognition. In consultation with you, we design and create this place where people meet and greet each other. Our experienced stand construction team will then take care of everything for you in the process of consultation with exhibition organizers, approval, construction and dismantling. With our passion and expertise, we create a place for you where people share their positive experiences afterwards.

A sign of life, a signal that demands customer attention. Signing is everything that has to do with the physical communication of texts and images. Storiginals supplies everything that a brand, store or company uses in physical means of communication to reach the target group. Whether it's your company logo or seasonal marketing specials. With our own Sign department, we produce the most diverse communication moments between you and your customers. Our passion and drive makes us happy with originality and special wishes. It goes without saying that we can also take care of shipping and any installation all over the world. 

We believe that the power of an interior or product lies in the details. Whether it is a standalone product or a complete interior. We can advise you optimally on the construction and material. We ensure that the design matches your wishes and brand identity, but also suits the needs of the employees or customers who will eventually use the product. We combine care and attention with experience and knowledge of materials to achieve a powerful end result. We admit, sometimes we are a bit stubborn. No matter how good a design is, we always keep a critical eye on areas for improvement. That is often in the details, but it is precisely these that make the difference. Wood, glass, metal or plastic: there is nothing we cannot make. This means that we look at your product with an open mind.

At Storiginals we realize that the success of every retailer depends on the full customer experience, from brand marketing to the physical store. The Point of Sale material also plays an important role in this link. Point Of Sale material increases the attention on a product. This can take the form of posters, banners, creative floor stickers or displays. It is important that it fits into the total customer experience. Using our own production method, we are uniquely able to further develop and produce your customized point of sale material in large, but also in small quantities. Our logistics department then takes care of all the worries about composing and sending the POS packages to your locations all over the world. 

We also have a large format sublimation oven to give your designers almost complete freedom in translating your ideas on almost all finishes and materials. Sublimation is a physical process in which inks in heat transfer directly to the gaseous phase. The printed image forms a durable connection with the surface. This way we can transfer your photos, logos, texts and customer-specific colors on all kinds of hard materials.

In particular photo exhibitions, architectural projects, museum projects, signage, logos or advertisements are applications that are suitable to be carried out with this printing technique. But at Storiginals we always go the extra mile. Ceramic wall tiles, wall finishes, ceiling finishes, but also furniture are ideally suited for exclusive applications. Will you challenge us to show our creativity here too?    

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